Jilin Festivals

There are a host of local festive activities in Jilin province, which are organized by local government. Among them the Changchun film festival, Changchun automobiles exposition fair, Jilin Wusong Ice and Snow Festival, Tonghua Ginseng festival are influential.

The film festival holds once for two years in late August. Then many film stars at home and abroad come and pay much attention to. While the car exposition fair and ginseng festival take businessmen attracting as its main subject. Wusong festival hold in January when Jilin is at its coldest and only then is the best time to visit the Wusong spectacle.

The prime exponent of the activities organized spontaneously by common folks is Jilin Mt. North temple fair, which is held in every eighth day of the lunar fourth month, eighteenth day, and twentieth-eight day. At that time over 10,000 mass come to visit which is unprecedented bustling.

1.  Changchun Film Festival in China

Changchun film festival is an international state level film festival ratified and held by broadcast film and video ministry of People’s Republic of China. The people’s governments of Jilin province and Changchun city also organize it. The film festival was held first in 1992, ever since one for two years, up to now it has been held for 4 times.

The main activities during the film festival includes: 1. hold the grand literary and art soiree of opening ceremony; 2. decide on awards of the feature films; 3. hold films trading market; 4. show films of China and foreign countries; 5. hold China film scenarios transaction activity; 6. connect with the anniversary of the founding of Changchun film studio for 50 years, to hold the social affair for film workers both at home and overseas; 7. carry out varied activities of trade, science and technology and sight-seeing; 8. award prize in the closing ceremony, and after that show the prize films at that festival.

The Changchun film festival is held for extending the exchange of film arts of countries, increasing the friendship of film personages of China and abroad, and promoting the prosperity and development of film ventures. The film festival takes the friendship, exchanging, development as its ideals. The committee inviting 7 to 9 famous artists and theorists both at home and abroad to attend and made up to a awarding committee, award for the films in Chinese and foreign languages, and give awards of “Golden Deer Cup” and “Silver Deer Cup”.

2.  Wusong Ice and Snow Festival in Jilin City

The ice and snow festival is held every January in Jilin City. The festival takes visiting one of the four wonders in nature of China as main subject and lasts about one month. During the festival there holds grand northeast Yoge party, releasing river light and colorful light on Songhua River, the river cruising of colorful boats, fireworks party, international and national skating and skiing or ice ball events, various and grand commodities trade meetings and tourist products trade meetings and the feast of visiting ice lanterns and ice sculptures. At present, the Wusong Ice and Snow Festival has been held for 5 times.

3.  Mt. North Temple Fair

Mt. North Temple fair has long established fame, boasts that “Qianshan Temple tops those in Northeast, and Jilin temple fair tops that of Qianshan”.

Mt. North Temple has combined with three religions of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. From every fourth lunar month, temple fairs hold one after another, the Buddhist Birth Festival in April 8th, Xi Wang Mu Temple fair in April 18th, Yaowang Temple fair in April 28th, Kuanti Temple fair in May 13th, of which the Yaowang Temple fair is the most bustling. The Yaowang Temple was built in the thirteenth year of Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty (1692 AD), and then starts to hold the annual temple fair. In recent years, the temple fair is unprecedented bustling. More than 300,000 tourists come to visit every year.

During the temple fair, smoke wreathing and bell ringing, male and female pilgrims come to worship with piety. Both in the mountain and at the foot of it wakes up a sea of thronging visitors. At the foot of mountain the circus and acrobatics make performances and the sanitary knowledge are demonstrated and propagandized. The state-run stores, private enterprises and individual stalls offer various merchandises. Various local snacks can be found everywhere. Mt. North temple fair has become the grandest tourist festival.