Long-distance Bus

The development of local motorways is relatively fast. At the present time there are three highways starting from Changchun and are to Siping, Jilin and Yingchengzi respectively. Among these three, the one to Siping connects with the Liaoning highway; therefore cars can reach Shenyang, Dalian and Beijing directly. In addition two national roads, 102 and 302 pass through Changchun, which makes transportation here very convenient. Three long-distance bus stations are located in the City with long-distance bus routes radiating out all over Jilin Province and also reach many cities outside Jilin Province such as Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Jiamusi, Wulanhaote, etc.

Changchun Bus Station:
 Highway Passenger Station: No. 8899, Renmin Avenue
 Kaixuan Bus Station: No. 2088, Tiebei’er Road
 Central Bus Station: No.226, Renmin Avenue